Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween from 5th grade.

halloween 2018


What’s Happening in the Upcoming Months

5th grade math is finishing up a unit on decimals and then moving onto fractions.  From there we will be moving onto ratios and geometry.

4th grade math is finishing up a unit on area and perimeter and then moving onto unit conversions.  From there we will be moving onto probability.

Students in both 4th & 5th grade are working on STEM Fair projects for the Community Fair night.  Please check out my twitter account or the 4/5 twitter account to stay updated on the progress the students are making.  The students have been working hard on researching and collecting data.

Our next units of study in STEAM are going to be space and the environment.


October/ November

October flew by and November is seeming to do the same!  I can’t believe we are already half way through the month of November.  In 5th grade math, students have been learning algebra and doing a fantastic job understanding the abstract concept.  They are now moving onto fractions.  In 4th grade math, students have been working with fractions; renaming them, making them into mixed numbers, and adding and subtracting unlike fractions.  4th grade students will soon be moving onto decimals.

In STEAM, both 4th and 5th grade students worked on creating projects based on different challenges; a marble maze, a musical instrument, a pulley, and a windmill.  Students were given a STEAM bin with random supplies in order to build their projects.  All the bins had the same materials.  Some of the materials were; rubber bands, tape, paper towel tubes, Popsicle sticks, and paper clips.  For Halloween students had a different “scary” lab assignment for the week leading up to Halloween.  They explored screaming cups, dancing ghosts, alien barf, bubbling alien blood, and a foaming pumpkin.  In 5th grade STEAM, students are exploring different powers and testing them to figure out what the unknown powders may be.  4th grade students are learning about rocks and minerals by testing unknown rock samples to figure out the names of the rocks.

No School: November 21-25 Thanksgiving break

Parent Teacher Conferences: November 21 & 22